Promoting High Assurance Cyber Security in the UK

Our Mission

01 / About HAUK

Deriving the full potential of innovative technology requires the effective assurance of increasingly complex systems. HAUK as an industry association seeks to collaborate with academic, government and industry stakeholders, to shape the direction of High Assurance for tomorrow’s innovative technology platforms.

02 / Aims
03 / Our Interests

We aim to understand where High Assurance is valued and why, seeking to map and document similarities and differences within and between sectors, and seeking to harmonise these understandings as appropriate.

  • The future of cyber security assurance;

  • Emergent properties of complex systems;

  • The evolution of risk and liability;

  • The convergence of security and safety engineering.

"High assurance cyber security, means that risks and liabilities can be managed with ongoing high confidence based on strong and verifiable evidence."
Joint NCSC-HAUK workshop

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High Assurance UK Cyber Industry Association (HAUK-CIA) is an unincorporated trade association representing a cross-section of product, system and service solution providers of High Assurance. The association focus is Cyber Security capability that aims to be credible in a dynamic threat environment.


HAUK was formed in 2017 by member organisations that previously represented the UK Crypto Developers Forum (CDF). CDF has more than a decade's experience of strategic engagement with UK government and industry stakeholders focused on supporting High Assurance industry capability.


The association's interests span:​

  • Market:  Exploring market implications of initiatives that seek to improve availability of security solutions;

  • Technology: Sharing new ideas and good practice around 'assurable technology';

  • Research: Encouraging a more strategic approach to investment in future research & IPR generation.


HAUK members